Swimmers will line up in a single-file line based on race number. Swimmers will be sent off one at a time, every 20 seconds. Junior racers will swim across (25 yards) the pool in one lane, go under the lane rope into the next lane, and then swim back, which will complete their swim portion of the race. Senior division racers will do a similar serpentine swim as the Juniors but will use four lanes (25 yards in each lane) to complete their swim portion of the race.

Once racers have completed the Swim portion of the race, they will exit the pool and head towards the Transition Area where they will get their bike.

Note: Swim vests and inflatable flotation arm bands are allowed. There will be lifeguards on duty, both on the pool deck and in the water during the youth race.


Once racers have retrieved their bike, they will be required to walk their bike out of the Transition Area to the Bike Mount Zone where they can then get on their bike and head out of the park towards Poyntz Avenue. Once they reach Poyntz Avenue they will make a right-hand turn and bike clockwise around the Park, once they have gone all the way around the park they will turn around and go back the same way they came in the other lane. Junior racers will do this just once while senior racers will do this loop twice. As the senior racers complete their first lap a volunteer will put a tick mark on their arm letting them know they only have one lap left to complete. Once a racer has completed the bike course they will return to the Transition Area to place their bike back in the same location is was prior to starting the bike portion of the race.

Note: While the volunteers do their best to ensure that they accurately mark each racers’ arm, it is ultimately up to each racer to keep track of his/her number of laps. Those racers who do not complete the required number of laps, will show as “incomplete” in the results and will not be eligible for an award. Please review the bike course with your young racer prior to race day to ensure they understand how many laps around City Park they must ride.

All bikes are allowed, as long as they are in safe working condition and do not have a motor. There will be volunteer bike mechanics available the morning of the race to help with any unforeseen bike issues but it is suggested that you make sure the bike is in good working order before race day.

Bike helmets will be required to be worn and chin strap securely fastened during the bike portion of the race.

Note: We can provide bike helmets for those children who do not have one or can’t afford a proper bike helmet. The bike helmets are theirs to keep to promote safe biking. If your child is in need of a bike helmet you MUST indicate so when you register your child for the race. Helmets are provided on a first come, first served basis during Packet Pickup. Please do not abuse this offer.

There will not be a water station on the bike course.

There will be race staff/volunteers at all intersections/road crossings to help ensure no traffic enters the park during the race and to help guide the racers. There are also police officers at the four major intersections of the bike course to direct traffic away from the bike course and bike patrol officers on the bike course to help racers out should they need assistance.


Once racers have put their bike back in the Transition Area (in the same place it was before they started the bike portion) they will leave the Transition Area and begin the run course. The run course will be clearly marked and there will be plenty of volunteers on hand to help guide them as they complete the run course and head towards the finish line.

There will be a water station on the run course that racers will pass multiple times.


The race will be timed using a chip and mat timing system. Each athlete will have a chip that they strap to their ankle with a Velcro strap. We recommend that they wear the timing chip on their left ankle as this is the non-chain side of the bike. There will be timing mats placed at key locations of the course that will track their time for each leg of the race.


Each athlete will need a swimsuit, bike, bike helmet, running shoes, water bottle, biking and running clothes as a minimum. This list indicates the minimum items needed for the race, each racer should bring any extra items that they feel they will need.

Racers can do the entire race in their swimsuit.

Packet Pickup:

At Packet Pickup each participant will receive a t-shirt, cooling towel, water bottle, sling bag and their timing chip. To ensure a t-shirt at packet pickup you must enter no later than two (2) weeks prior to race day.

Note: The timing chip will be removed at the end of the race and returned to the timing company.

Post Race and Awards:

Post race snacks will be provided by The Optimist Club of Manhattan and will be located at the picnic shelter south of the pool.

Every racer will receive a Finishers Medal after crossing the finish line.

Trophies are awarded to the top 5 places in each age group for both Girls and Boys.